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Why TotalMD?

TotalMD is proving that the latest technology in medical billing software does not need to be so excessively expensive. And, the truth is, there is no good reason for overly priced medical software!
Why buy high priced software from somewhere else when you can buy everything you need from TotalMD at just a fraction of the price? From connecting to your favorite EMR and e-claim service to comprehensive scheduling and financial reporting, TotalMD has everything you need…

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Who We Are

Located in Mesa, Arizona, TotalMD has experienced amazing growth in terms of employees and financial success. Our original creative team and our many new talented members continue to help TotalMD produce incredibly refreshing, new medical software products and services. Meet key members of the TotalMD team: Lee Varney, Co founder; David Arnett, Co founder; Landon Varney, Senior Developer; Nelson Phelps, Senior Sales Exec; Alison Jones, Support & Training Manager.

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Cloud Software

Imagine accessing your computer software – anytime, anywhere from the “Cloud”. That is exactly what TotalMD Online does. It gives you complete access to your practice data from any computer that has a high-speed Internet connection; making the perfect solution for multi-location practices, billing services and practices that just don’t want to be tied down to a single location. And you can rest easy knowing that your data is secured in a five drive redundancy

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