Does TotalMD work on a Mac?
TotalMD Cloud works on a Mac (and/or PC), while the regular version of TotalMD does not run on a Mac operating system; however, you can certainly use the regular version of TotalMD on a Mac by either running dual boot or parallels.

How much training do you recommend?

Since we offer medical billing training in one hour blocks, you can get as much or as little as you want, when you want it. We offer online medical billing training with a live person or on-site training as well. Our software is easy to learn and has a great help section but there is nothing better than being able to start using the software without any worries about setting it up incorrectly, improperly entering information or just plain getting “stumped”. For information on our Complete 5 Step Training Plan, click here.

What are the system requirements for TotalMD?
Please click here to view the system requirements.

Do I need a dedicated server to run TotalMD for Networks?
Certainly not. Many offices just use their best workstation as the “server”. However, the larger the network, the more a dedicated server would be necessary.

Do you have people that come out to our office?

In certain parts of the country we have independent resellers that would be happy to act as your local representative. We also offer onsite training where our trainer would fly out to your office and spend two day with you and your office staff. For information on our Complete 5 Step Training Plan, click here.

How much does it cost to add another provider or practice?
For the “on premise” version of the software TotalMD doesn’t charge by practice or provider but rather by user. You can add another provider or practice (as long as it meets the licensing agreement) without incurring an additional charge. For our online packages, the cost to add another provider or practice depends on your package. Contact us directly to discuss pricing.

Can you put my existing data into TotalMD?
In most cases we can convert the data from your existing medical software into TotalMD. If you are currently using Medisoft® you are in luck because in almost all cases we can convert your entire database (including all the transactions) and, we will do it for free (if it is version 11 or newer). If you have Lytec® we can also provide a FREE (in most cases) partial conversion. We can also partially convert data from almost any other billing software to TotalMD for as low as $999 (partial conversions typically include patient demographics, insurance information, fee schedules, medical codes, reason codes and scheduling information).

How long has the company been in business?
The company was founded in 2008 by the former Head Developer of Medisoft® and the former Sales and Marketing Director of Lytec Systems®.

Which clearinghouses does TotalMD work with?
Just about any clearinghouse works with TotalMD, but we recommend you utilize our integrated clearinghouse or one of our partner options, for additional functionality such as the ability to check eligibility from within TotalMD. We have two partner medical billing clearinghouses, TriZetto and Apex EDI, which are both exceptional medical billing clearinghouses. We have partnered with them because of the service and functionality they provide to our customers. Learn more about our clearinghouse options here. In addition to those clearinghouses there are dozens of others that work with TotalMD. If the clearinghouse accepts a print image file then a claim file can be created and sent to the clearinghouse for no additional charge. Most medical billing clearinghouses will accept a print image of the insurance claim. If a clearinghouse only accepts an ANSI file then, for a monthly fee of $39, we can also build a module to meet the medical billing clearinghouse’s specifications.

How can you offer such affordable software?
Since our software has been so well designed, we need very little in terms of staff for our technical support, training or even our sales departments (and there is usually little to no hold time to reach a live human in these departments). Great medical software practically sells itself and TotalMD certainly does that. In addition, when you have an incredible and experienced development team, we are able to develop medical software quickly which also keeps our cost down. When you combine that with the fact that we are a privately held company that is not beholden to stockholders, we can make better decisions for our long term company goals (like keeping the software’s price at a reasonable level).

Why should I choose TotalMD?
The great thing about TotalMD is that there is not just a single reason but several advantages. Each reason in itself is often enough for most people but when you combine them altogether the decision to switch to TotalMD is an easy one. Reason 1: Our price – TotalMD has the best software for the money, hands down. In most cases it competes with software that costs several times as much as TotalMD. Reason 2: Our software – Not only does it have great functionality but it is incredibly easy to use and learn. Reason 3: Our people– We care about our customers. We listen to customers and make changes to our medical software to meet customer needs. When you add it all together, what do you get – the perfect software solution!