With TotalMD, you'll get enterprise level features starting at just $99/month! You won't find a better solution for that price. While many independent practices and medical billers are looking for free medical billing software, or cheap medical software solutions - we know you don't want to sacrifice on the quality of your medical software. You can get the best of both worlds with TotalMD - affordability and quality come together to create the perfect solution for your practice. Why settle for less when you can get incredible features at surprisingly affordable prices?

TotalMD medical software scheduler

Finally, a Scheduler that Emulates Your Workflow

Print superbills, patient chart labels and appointment lists from the scheduler. Additionally, you can create and email your own appointment reminders to patients, move multiple appointments from one day to another, block off time for certain types of appointments and days off, double-book appointments and customize the appointment screen to display whatever unique information your practice needs.

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medical software user

Easily Access Patient Information

Access a patient’s record from virtually anywhere in the software and go to almost any screen from the patient’s record. The well laid out patient record provides easy access to patient appointments, insurance details, the patient dashboard, alerts and even access to other family members’ records.

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TotalMD medical software ledger

Get Quick Financial Answers from the Ledger

How can you expect patients to pay when you cannot tell what they owe? TotalMD simplifies the ledger by displaying dollars collected and writeoffs directly below their corresponding procedure. In addition, view the copay amount, applied deductible, patient balance, patient remainder balance and individual procedure remainder balances—all from the ledger screen.

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View and Validate Claims Before Submitting Them

Use the claim validator to make sure your claim information is complete and accurate. Then use your interactive claim form to add possible notes and make changes before sending them electronically or printing them to paper. With the claim validator and visual claim editor, “scrubbing” and modifying claims has never been so easy.

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medical billing software

Easy Insurance and Patient Payment Entry

Apply insurance checks from the EOB entry screen or auto apply payments with our Electronic Remittance Advise (ERA) automatic posting feature. Entering Patient payments and write-offs to procedures is just as easy.

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Mail Communication Connection message to mailing contacts phone Global Letters Concept

Use Patient Portal to Send Secure Messages, Stay Organized, Improve Payments and More!

Send HIPAA-compliant emails, offer new patient in-take forms; let patients request appointments online and more. Learn more.

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woman typing on laptop

Create Your Own Unique Custom Screens

Create additional custom screens to record your own unique information for patient records and billing records. The data captured in your custom screens can then be used on any report.

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Portrait of doctor working on computer in medical office

Verify Patient Insurance Online

Verify your patients’ “live” insurance eligibility status and benefits directly from their scheduled appointments.

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young woman texting

Text and Email Appointment Reminders

With TotalMD Communicator, make “no shows” a thing of the past by sending appointment reminders via text messaging and emails. Patients can even confirm appointments via text and mail, updating their appointment status to “confirmed” in the Appointment Book!

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tmd employee timeclock

Track Employee Time

With TotalMD Time Clock, track employee time and attendance, make time corrections, and print detailed hours and payroll summaries.

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electronic document image

Electronically Capture and Store Documents

Organize, capture and store: (1) patient insurance cards, driver’s licenses and ID cards; (2) patient signatures on your own financials, privacy and patient release forms; and (3) all printed documents.

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person paying for medical treatment

Process Credit Card Payments in TotalMD

By processing your patients’ credit card payments directly in TotalMD, you will reduce your counter clutter as well as the costs of accepting credit card payments.

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Integrate with Coding Advisor

Find the right CPT, ICD10 and HCPCS codes with the completely integrated Coding Advisor tool or even convert ICD9 codes to ICD10 codes. With the integrated Coding Advisor, finding the right codes is easy.

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electronic prescription photo

Electronically Send Prescriptions

Not only can you electronically send prescriptions for all classes of drugs, you have instant access to drug interactions, allergy interactions, disease interactions, renewal requests from the pharmacy and a two-year medication history of everything your patients have ever taken!

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complete medical software

Built-In Electronic Health Records

Improve your office’s workflow with this amazing system. TotalMD EHR not only allows you to chart, e-prescribe and sign documents, it also offers advanced features at a fraction of the cost of what you might expect to pay. For example, with TotalMD EHR, you can create unique custom reports to identify patients with diabetes and other diagnoses, and access patient education materials at the point of care, and help drive accurate coding to increase reimbursement.

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