Web-Based Access Medical Practice Software | TotalMD

Plug into the benefits of the Web with TotalMD Online

TotalMD Online gives you complete access to your practice data from any computer that has high-speed Internet capability; making the perfect solution for multi-location practices and billing services. Imagine accessing your data – anytime, anywhere. Once you’ve made the transition from a traditional system to web based software you’ll never go back.


  • Anywhere Data Access!

    As long as you have a high-speed Internet connection you have 24×7 secure access to your practice data from any location.

  • Secure Data!

    Your data is stored on a five drive redundancy server housed in a biometrics secured data warehouse. And, with three separate sources for electrical power (including diesel generators) and redundant Internet access – your data is secure accessible and very safe.

  • Advanced Features!

    Get all of the advanced features TotalMD has to offer including: electronic health records, electronic remittance advice and more.

  • Always Up to Date!

    Always have access to the latest up to date version of TotalMD, Appointment Book Pro and medical codes.

  • Low Cost!

    No need to purchase expensive server hardware and other network equipment. Use a regular PC and let our server do the data crunching. Auto Data Backup! Data is backed up on a daily bases to ensure your data is safe and secure.

  • Technical Support!

    Second-to-none technical support is included with TotalMD Online.