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Free Medisoft Conversion


FREE Yourself with Our FREE* Data Conversion.

TotalMD converts everything from Medisoft® and its FREE*!

The FREE data conversion converts virtually everything from Medisoft® to TotalMD including all of your claims, statements, transactions, patients, insurance information, scheduling information, address information, reason codes, CPT codes, diagnosis codes, provider information, fee schedules, even patient notes stored in Final Draft® – everything.
*Free with all version of TotalMD except for TotalMD Essentials

How long does it take to convert your data files?

The data conversion for Medisoft® is built right into TotalMD and so the actual conversion takes place on your computer. This means that, under normal circumstances, there is no need to upload your data to our servers. This makes the conversion fast and efficient with conversion times as low as 45 minutes to several hours. Most practices start the conversion at the end of the day and they are ready to go when they start in the morning. In addition, our Support Technicians are available to assist you every step of the way with your data conversion and even do it for you if you choose.

What conversion options do I have?

Most offices tend to convert all of their historical and current data to TotalMD. That way they can make a clean switch to TotalMD. However, you may choose a partial conversion. For example, some offices choose not to convert over financial details and other information. What you convert and don’t convert is your choice.