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Welcome To TotalMD EHR

Improve your office’s workflow with this amazing system. TotalMD EHR not only allows you to chart, e-prescribe and sign documents, it also offers advanced features at a fraction of the cost of what you might expect to pay. For example, with TotalMD EHR, you can create unique custom reports to identify patients with diabetes and other diagnoses, and access patient education materials at the point of care, and help drive accurate coding to increase reimbursement.

Chart Information Flows Seamlessly to Billing Screens

Generate procedure and diagnoses codes from patient charts and post these codes to the ledger. The information from your clinical screens flows seamlessly to your financial screens.

Easy Access to Patient Charts

Access patient charts from virtually anywhere in the program, including the patient list and scheduler. From your appointment, simply right click and select the New Encounter option. It’s that easy.

Identify Where Your Patients Come From

Increase insurance reimbursement by recording inbound patient transitions. Insurance companies often pay more if you see their patients within a short timespan after a hospital discharge. Also use the patient transition of care information to reconcile medications and medical record information.

Flow Seamlessly Between the Patient’s Records and Chart

Access clinical information from the front desk, the nurse’s station or the exam room. Required meaningful use demographics, vitals, immunizations and record information requests are only a click away.

Track Expected Results

Coordinate the care of your patients from labs, referring physicians and radiology orders. Use the Orders List to see what your patients’ statuses are with their orders. This tracking system can be used to confirm that treatment has been completed.


Measure Your Care

In order to keep current with the various payment reform initiatives and stay ahead of the insurance incentive programs, you want an EHR system that both demonstrates true interoperability and measures your patient care in effective and useful ways. TotalMD EHR has the ability to identify patients who are meeting your process and outcome measures.


True Interoperability

TotalMD EHR goes beyond basic Federal Meaningful Use Standards and provides true interoperability (sharing of patient information with other systems). Import standardized records (CCR/ CCD) as viewable documents or import the patient’s information directly into TotalMD EHR. Importing patient information eliminates the need to rekey it into the system—a tremendous time saver. The patient’s problem list, medication list, medication allergy list and information from a referring physician or recent hospital discharge will “magically” appear in the patient’s record.


Fast & Easy to Use Charting

Finish your patient charts quickly with easy-to-use templates. The software comes with comprehensive templates, or you can modify the templates to meet your own unique preferences and needs. Chart while you see your patients or finish and sign your documents from the encounter list at your discretion.


Care Coordination at its Best

You can’t force your patients to adhere to their care plans, but you can track the information provided from their referring providers. TotalMD EHR allows you to track the following:

  • Referrals and radiology orders
  • In-house and out-of-office labs
  • Follow-up and record requests

TotalMD EHR truly makes closing the loop on your referrals easy and simple.