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Why should I be interested in an EHR System?

Electronic Health Records (EHR) allows you to provide a higher level of care to your patients. In addition, if 30% or more of the visits to your practice are from Medicaid patients, you are eligible for a total of $63,750 in government incentive payments (per licensed provider). To qualify, you need to purchase and use a certified electronic health records software program and demonstrate a standard known as “meaningful use.”

How does EHR integrate with my Practice Management Software?

The TotalMD Practice Management / Electronic Health Record System Provides the integrated benefits that only a complete system can offer. with this integrated system, flow seamlessly between the patient’s record and chart, get easy access to patient charts, and bring chart information seamlessly to billing screens.

Can I talk to someone using the system?

Yes, we have clients who are using the certified EHR to do meaningful use. Please call us for references.

What does ONC mean?

Office of the National Coordinator, an organization set up by George Bush to help administer and create a national health information system focused on quality and improving care. Current Medical Director is Farzad Mostashari, MD Click here for more info.

What does Meaningful Use mean?

Meaningful Use is a standard set up by the ONC in 2012 to help establish a national health information system. It is focused on improving healthcare quality and changing the current system so that clinicians are focused on providing quality care. There are three stages of Meaningful Use. Stage 1 is performed for 2 years, Stage 2 is performed the second 2 years. Stage 3 is performed for the third 2 years. Essentially, the focus is to change the electronic health record system from a repository to a useful tool to improve care. By performing this standard, you can collect incentives associated with adhering to it.

When should I add TotalMD EHR to my practice?

TotalMD EHR is ready for you now!
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