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Why should I purchase electronic health records and practice management software from the same company?

Consider the benefits that a truly inte­grated practice-management/electronic health records system has to offer:

  • Better workflow – The clinical and financial areas of your office will work in a cohesive way that takes care of both your patients and your bottom line. There are no seperate practice mangement and electronic records screens, all of the screens are part of the same software. This makes it easy to flow from the clinical areas of the software to the financial areas. For example, from the scheduler you can easily flow over to the encounter and then over to the billing portion of the software..
  • No more worring about the “link” breaking – With an integrated system, there is no link between your practice management and electronic health records because it’s the same software. There is no need for a third-party link between the two systems. This eleminates the possiblity of the “link” failing. More importantly, you will never have to play the”blame game” between your electronic health records and practice managemnt software companies when the two systems fail to communicate properly.
  • No more “dual data” entry – Save your practice time and money by elimating the need to enter patient information multiple times in separate software. For example, no more having to enter insurance and other information into two systems. All the information is there, it’s the same software storing the info in the same database.
  • Tech support — When you are faced with an issue, problem, or just a question about your computer system, not only do you know who to call, but the support tech will not use that age-old excuse, “That isn’t within our support; you will need to call someone else.” While some companies that provide an integrated system charge separate support fees for each program, that isn’t the case with TotalMD; we have one support number and contract that covers all of your needs.